10 Things You Can Teach Your Kids About Taking Care of Our...

10 Things You Can Teach Your Kids About Taking Care of Our Planet


Sadly, our home is polluted due to many generations of human beings condoning bad habits. The good news is that we can still do something about it. We can start by raising our kids on eco-friendly habits that will help our world be a better place when we are no longer there. Here are 10 simple ideas to start at home:


Throwing garbage away in separate bins

Kids need to learn from an early age that getting rid of trash isn’t just about tidiness. Loads of waste covers the surface of the earth. Place small recycling bins around the house and show your kids how to use them so they get used to sorting garbage early on.



Turn off the lights

Something as simple as turning off each light every time you leave a room helps conserve energy, as well. The sooner your kids appreciate this, the better.


Brushing your teeth with less water

Teach your kids to conserve water by making it natural for them to brush their teeth and only open the tap after they’re done, instead of leaving the faucet running the whole time.



Close the doors

Keep the heating or AC from circulating freely around the house and save energy at the same time.


Grow things in the garden

Teach your kids the value of a healthy, natural organic meal by starting a small veggie garden in your house. There is a world of difference between supermarket produce, and reaping your own crops from your backyard. Your kids will love it.



Re-use everything. Trash today, art tomorrow

Teach your kids to see everything they have already as a potential “treasure”, which you will keep in a special “treasure chest” or art box to store future crafts. They will use their own hands to turn this trash into treasure. Help them do it and not only will you be showing them how to upcycle, you’ll also create priceless memories.


Plant a tree

They say a person’s life can be summed up in three goals: writing a book, raising a child, and planting a tree. There is a special value in sharing this experience with your kids. They’ll learn about patience, they’ll appreciate growth in a very practical and visual way, and they’ll love the planet more.


Be a good role model

It goes without saying that your kids are watching you, 24.7. This includes your daily habits. Practice what you preach and your kids will be as eco-friendly as you are.


Get them used to eco-friendly food

Teach your children to appreciate all sorts of food by cooking them delicious green food. It will look like a challenge at first, but it will ultimately help your children grow healthier and appreciate organic food.


Ride a bike with your child instead of driving

Show your kids how much carbon print car gasses emit and how riding a bike can help diminish that damage. Riding a bike is both healthy and a fun way to bond with your little ones.