4 Eco-friendly Products for Your Skin

4 Eco-friendly Products for Your Skin


All it takes is one good look at the back of any of your cosmetic items and you’ll see a number of chemicals that are actually quite toxic for the air you breathe. Scared? Well, there is actually a way out of it. If you’re already using cloth diapers, paper bags instead of nylons and being energy-efficient with water and electricity, there is only one thing left to do. Replacing your cosmetics with green products!

There is a whole list of products than come from companies which are more concerned about the planet’s well being than selling you a profitable –yet hazardous- product. We’ve gathered 5 Eco-friendly products that will make you run to the nearest green store and toss out your entire beauty set. Here they are.


Avalon Organics Olive and Grape Seed Conditioner

Have you heard of the no-poo movement? It turns out, more and more women are learning about the toxic chemical components in their hair care products and the risk of prolonged exposure. So they’ve taken it on themselves to create DIY natural formulas to clean their scalp. Avalon Organics Olive and Grape Seed Conditioner saves you the trouble. Plus, you’ll be supporting a company which holds Sustainability as one of its core values.


Natures Gate Rice Bran Cleansing Milk

Choose a cleanser and moisturizer which replace animal tested components with the world’s most Eco-friendly source: plants. This herbal-based milk will guarantee an Eco-friendly experience.



Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

There is a reason for the funny name in this lipstick: you can actually eat it! That’s how healthy they claim it is for you. You can even take a bite out of this lip mask anytime because it’s %100 Eco- friendly.



Burt’s Bees’ Ultimate Care Body Lotion

When it comes to earth friendly cosmetics, Burt’s Bees is in the fore front of the business. This brand is a historic pioneer in making 100% natural beauty products. This body lotion is your natural answer to dry skin.