5 Things You Didn’t Know About Eco Friendly Living

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Eco Friendly Living


Shifting towards an Eco friendly living might seem overwhelming at first, but it’s actually one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll make, both for your children and for the planet. Here are 5 little-known reasons why you should start, right now:

It helps your economy

While most people still avoid Eco friendly living based on the preconception that it’s too expensive to maintain, only a few small, inexpensive, changes are required to get you started. Hence, instead of going as far as installing solar panels on the roof or purchasing a hybrid car, start with something simple -reduce waste by breaking down your use of disposable silver ware and plates for parties. This is one of many effective ways of engaging in an eco friendly living today that your kids will appreciate tomorrow. Keep in mind, these small changes can actually help reduce your expenses, and ultimately, your waste by at least 50%.

It helps raise awareness in your neighborhood

When your neighbors begin to notice you have a sustainable life, even with something as mundane as separating three garbage bins to contain paper, plastic and glass, they will feel the need to do the same. It’s a positive behavior that will spread, and mostly raise awareness among the neighbors that planet conservation is everyone’s responsibility, not just yours. By choosing to switch from nylon to paper bags for your groceries, you’re already setting a valuable example.

It contributes to preserving the planet’s resources

With every passing hour, Earth’s most valuable resources –water, oil, soil, and wood, among others- are running out in the name of selfishness and greed. Unfortunately, it is not us but our children who will ultimately suffer the consequences of our actions. That’s why it’s time to make a shift in our every day habits and learn how to use our resources in a healthy, altruistic way. From simple habits, like optimizing the use of water for everyday tasks, to changing a light bulb to a low consumption type, there are many ways to help preserve our home’s resources, without resorting to astronomical investments.


It helps create a healthy life style

While our contaminating culture has brought about diseases such as stress, diabetes, obesity and asthma, Eco friendly living helps our diets to be less chemically manipulated and more natural, our physical activity to enhance through non contaminating sports like biking (rather than smog making vehicles). Not to mention the amount of hazards we get rid of when we maintain a clean, toxic-free, home.

It helps protect animals and wildlife

You probably don’t this, but 90 % of the cosmetics that are in the market today are tested on animals first. Just for this reason alone, going through the trouble of actually checking the background of certain brands before purchasing -to make sure they haven’t harmed animals with their research- encourages a life style that respects and preserves animals.