5 Ways to STOP Being so Wasteful

5 Ways to STOP Being so Wasteful


Maybe it’s the fact that we live in a country where abundance is part of our lifestyle, so sooner or later we start to take our resources for granted just because there is so much of so many things. The fact still remains that it’s attitudes like this that have drained out our planet to the marrow. If we want to leave anything to our children short of a scene from Pixar’s Wall-e, we need to start reconsidering a few very wasteful habits. Here are 5 ways to change right now, today.


Stop leaving the water on while brushing your teeth

Perhaps the one habit we are all guilty of repeating over and over again is leaving the water running while brushing our teeth. It’s not just a tremendous waste of resources (consider 2 gallons are wasted per minute) it could also became a major dent in your bill at the end of the month. If you don’t want to end up paying extra due to nothing but laziness, get your act together.



Don’t use more toilet paper than you need

No matter the size of the mess, you never need that much toilet paper. Start using half of what you normally use, and you’ll notice how much you save with this one small adjustment. Once a few weeks go by, you might just notice the difference in your budget, too.


Turn off the lights as you leave a room

“Why is it so hard for you to turn off the lights?” is something kids hear all the time from their parents. But oh, how true it is! It’s a simple habit that goes a long way, especially in a time where resources like electricity are slowly running out.


Use the toilet as anything but a garbage can

You read it. Stop tossing everything in the garbage can and get a bin where you can put all your bathroom waste. It’ll cost you but a few dollars and you won’t suffer an overflowed toilet anymore. You’re welcome.



Stop stocking on small water bottles

If you haven’t done it, you’re lying to yourself. We’ve all been guilty of collecting (and then throwing away!) dozens of water bottles on a monthly basis. The solution here is both simple and Eco-friendly: purchase a stainless steel canteen and recycle those water bottles. You’ll be saving lots of space and the planet, all in one!