7 Ways to Live An Eco Friendly Lifestyle

7 Ways to Live An Eco Friendly Lifestyle


Are you worried about smog, and how dirty your house, your neighborhood and even your city is becoming? Then you’ve just taken the first step towards being an environmentally aware citizen. The good news is that you can actually contribute to minimizing pollution’s effects by making small and simple changes to your every day routine. Try these tips and start to help our planet face Climate Change.

Turn off your computer monitor at night

Your PC may be off but it’s still plugged and therefore sucking energy. Make an effort and start to unplug it before going to bed. Believe it or not, this small behavior is contributing to energy saving.

Cancel your newspaper subscription and start reading it online

Unless you’re upcycling the printed edition into a decorative planter, get on the habit of reading your paper from your devices. Remember paper comes from trees, and deforestation is one of the main causes of Climate Change.


Pay for your bills online

Do this not just to save the planet, but to save your house from paper clutter! If you must have copies of eall your bills within reach, scan them and save copies in your hard drive.

Avoid printing unless you really have to

Things like maps or lists can easily be read on a mobile device or a pc. Printing leads to wasting paper and adds to the office clutter. Want to take it one step further? Include an eco friendly reminder of this on your email signature.

Shop for eco friendly beauty products

Some are more expensive than average cosmetic items, however the investment is worth it. Keep in mind a number of beauty products are tested on animals. Ergo, by choosing to support eco friendly brands, you’re also rejecting this activity.

Plant a tree

Nothing says “save the planet” like planting a tree. Make the best of your backyard and plant a tree with your kids. The sooner you do it, the better. In a few years when they’re all grow up and see that tree, they’ll be reminded of the importance of an eco friendly living.


Repair that leaky faucet

Yes, it’s about time! Seriously, however small the leak, you are wasting gallons of water slowly but surely. Fix it already and watch how your water bill shrinks dramatically!