Approaching Your Garden In An Eco-Friendly Fashion

Approaching Your Garden In An Eco-Friendly Fashion


When it comes to eating produce, it is best to grow your own. Not only are you able to see how they grow, but you are able to control the treatment of your plants. When food is made to be mass produced, it is highly likely that a plethora of chemicals are being used and these chemicals that could be harmful to you and your family.

Starting a garden is extremely beneficial to your health and to the Earth itself. And while there are several ways to treat your natural produce (through additives or different soils), there are some important steps to take to make sure that you are acting in an eco-friendly manner while growing your food:

Avoid Poisons

People put poisons into their gardens each and every day by using pesticides. If you use this in your garden, it is advised that you wear gloves, keep the contents off of your skin and out of your eyes, and to seek medical help right away if it is ingested. Is this really something that you want to put on the food that you are going to eat? Not likely.

If you are having trouble with specific pests, try to find plants that they do not like, and then plant those in your garden. For example, slugs will stay away if you plant lavender in your garden.