How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Have Fun While Doing It!

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Have Fun While Doing It!

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Carbon footprint is the amount of green gasses which is emitted by factories, cars, industries and every kind of human activity involving the release of CO2 (Carbone Dioxide), which contributes to air pollution. Many decades of reckless behavior have led to an increasing Climatic Change which is raising awareness in many countries in an attempt to minimize pollution in large cities.



The good news is that, however complex, it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint. In fact several countries have signed treaties which force governments to reduce their own carbon print. And you can contribute, as well!

For starters, assume full responsibility with energy conservation in the different areas in your life: from home to work and in between, there are many ways you can manage your energy consumption. From now on, make sure that you only use electric lighting when it is absolutely necessary. When the light is on and you leave the room, turn it off. The same principle applies to water. You know it’s not mandatory to leave the water running well in advance to your shower. Waiting until you’re actually inside the bathroom will save you lots in bills in the long run. Do you have any electronic appliances? Leave them unplugged while you’re not using them.

Transportation is one of the main causes of carbon print. Luckily, there are different alternatives to fueled cars which can both help you save the planet and your health. If you can’t afford an electrical car, start with choosing to use public transportation (which emits considerably less carbon print then regular vehicles) or start to bike your way to work. Consider carpooling! You’ll be contributing to the planet’s health and strengthening relationships with neighbors at the same time.

Finally, another high percentage of gas emissions come out of industrially produced food. Contribute to the green living by purchasing locally produced food. And even dare to take it one step further –start your own green garden! It might sound like a lot of work, but the final result is incredibly rewarding and ultimately, beneficial to the planet.

Becoming environmentally aware is not easy. It requires sacrifice and shifting a few habits that we’re too spoiled to change. But when you think about generations to come and what we are are doing to their planet, it becomes easier to understand that change is necessary.