Recycle Common Household Items and Turn Them Into Decorative Objects Even Ikea...

Recycle Common Household Items and Turn Them Into Decorative Objects Even Ikea Will Envy


Wait! Don’t toss your garbage away! There are lots of used household items you could reuse and turn into beautiful decorative objects! You don’t even have to open your wallet. Just look around and spill all your used goods on your craft table. You’re about to turn trash into treasure! Follow these simple tutorials and give a new creative use to those items you used to call ‘trash’.


Mason Jar Vase



You’ll need:

-A Mason Jar

-glassware (preferably candle stick)


-Tacky Adhesive



Clean glassware. Use the adhesive to join the glassware and the mason jar as you prefer. Let it rest. Stick the trims on the jar to give that final decorative touch with tacky adhesive. Now you can use these as pots, vases to keep your brushes, or even fill them up with candy.



Wine Bottle Flower Vase



You’ll need:

-Empty colored glass bottles


-Spray Adhesive

-Digital photos

-Paper to protect the work surface



Size your pictures according to the shape and size of the bottle. We suggest you make a draft on paper before adhering in on the bottle.

Print the final pictures on organza paper but don’t remove the backing! Cut the silhouette of the picture first. Once the shape fits the bottle, tear the backing off and place the picture against the bottle to make sure the color matches it, or that the picture’s theme stands out with the bottle.

Lay your pictures face down in a well ventilated area and carefully spray the adhesive in an even fashion covering the entire surface of the picture until your supply is finished. Then place it on the bottle.


Colorful Cans

Recycled Soup Can 3Save money and a trip to the store for wrapping and make your own colorful can for a creative approach to a special package.


You’ll need:

-Tacky tape runner

-Alcohol inks


-Alphabet stamps

-Stamp pad

-Tin cans

-Water and measuring cups




Find a zip bag and pour ¼ of the Cool2Cast plaster into it. Add 1/8 cup of water, zip the bag and shake for 60 seconds.

Cut off a corner of the bag and gently pour the content of the mix onto the lid. Tap the edge of the lid to make sure the plaster settles. Let dry for an hour. It will be fully ready over night.

Add a coat of alcohol links to the lid. Next, apply the alphabet stamps. Let it dry.



DIY Paper planter



You’ll need:

-1 container

-1 long spool of newspaper yarn

-Acrylic sealer

-Hot glue gun



Wrap the entire container all around, from top to bottom in the newspaper yarn, layer by layer. Be very careful to work by sections, gluing one section at a time, and sticking each layer right next to the other so as not leaves any gaps. Give the final touches with a few embellishments, sealed with the acrylic sealer and voila!


Decoupaged Canister Set



You’ll need:

-3 canisters

-Orange spray paint

-Sand paper

-Gray ink pad

-Scrap book paper sheets

-Mod Podge Acrlyic Sealer



Remove any kind of original décor from canisters with sand paper. Wrap the surface with the scrap paper, and adhere with Mod Podge. Spray the lids of the canisters with the orange spray paint. The color of your spray paint may vary, depending on the color pattern of your scrap paper. Remove air bubbles and let dry. Now you’ve got a brand new decorative canister set and you didn’t even have to pay a single dime!