The 5 Most Eco Friendly Cities In The World

The 5 Most Eco Friendly Cities In The World


While thousands of cities around the globe continue to add to the carbon print that is harming our planet one day at a time, others dare to join the green revolution. From sustainable living to Eco-friendly oriented policies, the following are among the 5 most environmentally friendly cities in the world.


Portland, Oregon

Upon arriving to Portland you’ll see green- lots of it. In fact, the city is covered with over 92,000 acres of trees, in an effort of creating massive green spaces. It is also currently the highest rated bike-to-work city in the US, making it a highly sustainable and eco-friendly place to live.


Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba is one of South America’s most sustainable cities, as its population rides mainly buses all across town. At the same time, it has put great effort into introducing bio-diesel as a key alternative source of fuel, as well as the ultimate means to reducing carbon emissions.




Vancouver, Canada

This Canadian city is on its way to become the world’s greenest city, as it sustains more than 80% of its energy with hydroelectricity. Plus, the population has been encouraged to successfully replace cars with bikes as transportation. This standard has positioned Vancouver among one of the least polluting cities in North America.


Freiburg, Germany

The “Solar” city owes its nickname to the fact that everything in Freiburg is powered by solar panels! This German city has gone out of its way to establish an energy plan so eco-friendly, that even garbage is turned into biomass, which powers houses and businesses. Unbelievable!


London, England

Despite being a city that harbors over 12,000 residents, London has managed to develop a sustainable transportation while maintaining the largest portion of green space in Europe: 35,000 acres (or 40% of the city’s surface). Plus the city has committed to reduce its gas emissions by 60% in 2025.